About Us

I am watching Kyrenia, from my SECRET WINDOW.

Mythological Gods and Goddess swam here in the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea and then rested by the legendary Troodos Mountains.

The scenery takes your breath away and makes you feel like a child, doesn’t it?

And, on the inside of my window, there is another crazy beauty reflecting the mystical beauty of nature that I see outside of my SECRET WINDOW.

The Animal Kingdom can be found in full force at The SECRET WINDOW.

You can hear the Doggies’ Orchestra busting crazy tunes.

Milk splashing cats, Elephants reading books,

Frogs sunbathing in bikinis, Mediterranean Surfing Cats,

Extraordinary Bremen town musicians, Owls at siesta time,

Woodpeckers having coffee from their Victorian China set,


Let’s not forget grand virtuoso Sir Penguin.

And last, but not least, the jewellery of the Goddess.

They are all from Mother Earth – precious stones, silver, jewels.
They have all gone through the hands of master artisans and become art.

At SECRET WINDOW all your dreams come to reality. Magic coming from the heart of nature… from Mother Earth.

It is our present to you all…To our paradise…To our Cyprus.

By Mrs.Sake Karabal